Child & Youth Education Services


Christy Anne Johnson

Child and Youth Programs/ Child and Youth Education Services
Commander Fleet Activities Sasebo, Japan

Main Base Teen Center Building 508
Monday-Friday from 0800 until 1700


“Helping military families connect to schools, commands and communities”

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SCHOOLS:  (Jack N. Darby Elementary is the only school located in Hario Village)

Jack N. Darby Elementary School: PSC485 Box 99 FPO, AP 96321-0099 Telephone: 011-81-956-50-8800/8801 Fax: 011-81-956-50-8801

Sasebo Elementary School: PSC 476 Box 128 FPO, AP 96322-0128 Phone: 011-81-956-50-3600/3669 Fax: 011-81-956-50-3553

E.J. King Middle/High School: PSC 476 Box 9 FPO, AP 96322-0001 Telephone: 011-81-956-50-3059/3072/3086 Fax: 011-81-6117-52-3553