MWR Delivery Services

MWR will begin offering everyday delivery services starting Friday, April 3! 
Delivery services will be available Monday - Friday from 4-8 p.m. (Last order is at 8 p.m.). 

Harbor View Club: 
To place your order, call 252-2955 or 252-2946 
Click here for the PDF version of the menu & delivery policies. 

Brodie's Delivery: 
To place your order, call 252-2987 or 252-2980. 
Click here for the PDF version of the menu and delivery policies. 


1. Please be aware that the driver will be following a "zero contact drop off" process. 

2. Upon arrival, the driver will place a box in front of your door with your bagged order.
    Inside the bag will be napkins, utensils and condiments with your receipt taped to the outside. 

3. After placing the box with your ordr, the driver will knock on the door and step 2 meters away. 

4. Please open the door, confirm the receipt of the delivery, remove the food out of the box
    and promptly take it inside. 

5. Once you have closed the door, the driver will remove the box and leave. 


1. THIS IS A CASHLESS SERVICE. Customers will have to provide credit card information
    over the phone. 

2. Orders must be over $12 to qualify for delivery. 

3. There will be a $2 delivery fee charge added to the total bill. 

4. Delivery will only be available at Dragon Vale and Main Base locations.