Unaccompanied Housing

Also known as Bachelor Quarters or Bachelor Housing, UH Division is responsible for providing single/unaccompanied housing for all authorized FLEACT Sasebo, tenant units and home ported ships.  We have five (5) buildings dedicated for this mission to support the permanent party housing requirements and the CNO’s Home Port Ashore program. 

E1-E4 personnel assigned to home ported ships must check-in with their respective units prior to assignment & occupancy of UH.  For E1-E4 Sailors assigned to shore, tenant or rotational commands, please check in to our Front Desk at Building 151 with the following documents:

  • PCS Orders
  • Fill-out the front desk check-in information

For single personnel, Housing Referral Service for off-base housing will be provided as soon as verification of entitlements, eligibility and/or non-availability of government quarters has been documented and received.  Authorization, requirements and documentations will vary according to your paygrade and assigned duty station. 

Newly arrived families, visiting personnel or sailors/civilians on Temporary Additional Duty (TAD) should make arrangement with either the Sasebo Navy Lodge or the Navy Gateway Inn & Suites (NGIS) for temporary lodging.  Newly arrived unaccompanied active duty personnel unable to report to their units because of underway/deployments should report to the Regional Transient Personnel Detachment (R-TPD at PW-63) for assignment to temporary sleeping quarters.