Youth Sports

Youth Sports Programs provide opportunities for fun and age-appropriate programming (ages 3 to 18) through Sports, Fitness, Health & Nutrition, Outdoor Recreation and Motor Skills Development. The YSF Program will create a relaxed and enjoyable climate of mutual respect, understanding, equity and diversity of programs and services, which will assist military personnel in balancing the competing demands of family life and contributing to mission accomplishment. We offer the following League sports: Soccer, Flag Football, Basketball and Baseball.

The 2024 Youth Sports Calendar is here!! 

Volunteer Coaches: Please scroll to the 'Downloads' section and fill out the following forms: "BLANK IRC", "BLANK SOA 2023", "EMERGENCY INFORMATION FOR VOLUNTEERS", "OPM GENERAL RELEASE 2023", and "VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT DD2793 - MAY WORK WITH CHILDREN". 

Click here to register your child for CYP. 
PAYS TRAINING: Required for all households before registering for any Youth Sports Program

STEP 1: Getting Started
• Visit
- Click "Option 1" under "Sign Up"
- Next, click the "Get Started" button
- Complete the online form
- Include each child in your household (only use his/her first name if the last name is the same as yours)
- For AP addresses, select "Overseas-AP" when inputting State

STEP 2: Program Affiliation
• Answer both program affiliation questions by checking the "Yes" box
- Select "Sasebo Fleet Activities" under the Navy Installation drop box

STEP 3: Payment Information | Confirmation Page
• Double check that the Membership Fee reads $0.00 (price is $0.00 by default)
- Click "Confirm" box
- Make sure your information is correct then click "Process"

STEP 4: User Login Information | Complete the PAYS Course
• Once registered, complete the PAYS video-based training course
• After completing the course, parents must read and acknowledge the "Parents Code of Ethics Pledge"
- You are required to print the completion certificate at the end of the course
- After membership is approved and bring it to our office.

You have now completed the training!
Once we approve of your membership, you will be allowed access to all areas of the PAYS Online Member Area. Membership is valid for (1) one year and is good for all Naval installations worldwide.

For more information, please call your local Youth Sports Office.